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Retail IT Solutions that Attracted 2 Million Customers and Helped to Manage 1 Million Brands
We have experience of over 20,000 man hours in serving 30 of Europe's Biggest Retailers among 80 internationally leading retail brands. We provide 'local' solutions and design the most seamless experiences with the latest retail IT and software solutions and analytics known to retail


Retail IT Service Creative & Design Omni-channel Retailing Integrated Solutions Cloud Solutions Personalized Experience Big Data Payment Gateways
  • Back-Office Application Development
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • POS (RFID, QR, Barcode) Implementation
  • Social Media Services
  • Ordering Workflows
  • Web Application Development
  • Corporate Branding & Positioning
  • Website Designing
  • 2D/3D Modelling
  • Promotional Videos Creation
  • Product Packaging
  • Print & Digital Ads, Banners Creation
  • Image Processing / Clipping / Styling
  • Print & Digital Product Catalogue Publishing
  • Managing more than 50,000 products using our Omni-channel retail solution
  • Integrate CRM, SCM & ERP solution together
  • Managed 1 Million brands using our Cloud based Web/Mobile solutions
  • Location based notifications using beacons, Real-time promotional discount/offers
  • Track Shoppers using our Big Data Product Suite
  • Online – Offline Store Analytics
  • QR Code, NFC, Audio signal-based payments
  • Integrated 25+ Payment Gateways


Our Capabilities

  • Implemented a mobile solution to enable online shoe buyers to capture and visualize appropriate size of their foot and determine the best fitting shoe size
  • Developed Windows mobile application for the ease of purchase department of large organizations handling more than 20,000 items in a single storage location
  • Developed web solutions that allow business owners to offer discounted deals to local customers
  • Reduced overhead cost by 30% through mobile application for store owners to track and update current status of inventory in warehouse
  • Designed and developed affiliate marketing and sales solution by implementing online marketing concepts for business owners, affiliates and customers

Our Achievements

Man Hour
20,000 Man hours of experience
50+ customers are managing their retail store with "Zero" downtime
European Giants
30+ European Giants use our SEPA compliant retail ERP solutions
secured transactions
1000 secured transactions every minute



Gamification based solutions for making consumers react and engage rapidly to retail IT solutions offerings:

  • Ownership & Possession
  • Development & Accomplishment
  • Customer Likability Perception
  • Feedback Systems
  • Review Systems
  • Social Media Integration
  • Scarcity & Impatience
  • Unpredictability & Curiosity
  • Loss & Avoidance

Talk to our Gamification experts to know more about Gamification for your retail enterprise.

Virtual Wardrobe

Virtual Wardrobe helps customers to order items without spending additional time on shopping. Highly populated areas such as bus-stops, railway stations and other places dense with pedestrians are the best places to use Virtual Wardrobes.


Our software for retail include virtual display, mobile application and POS system. Using our virtual display, customers can scan relevant barcode or QR code with mobile app to order different products.

Google Glass and HoloLens

We have integrated Google Glass and wearable technology solutions for personalized shopping experiences. Have also developed HoloLens solutions for entertainment, retail, interior designing and gaming industries by embracing Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR).


GPS for indoors that facilitates customized real-time micro-location and personalized offerings to shoppers through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons, supported by major smartphone devices.


Beacons can be used for:

  • Earning and Redeeming loyalty points
  • Real-time Promotional Discounts and Offers
  • Retail IT Services and offline payments
  • Location-based personalized Notifications

M-wallet solutions for retailers to manage and monitor payments by following financial regulations. Our M-wallet solutions include:


  • Cloud-based mobile payments
  • Contactless NFC based payments
  • Audio-signal based payment
  • Mobile web payments (WAP)
  • QR code payments
Augmented Reality

Fully customizable Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for retailers such as Kinect based dressing room, color-changing apparel showroom, AR based product catalogue, shoe sampler, X-Ray app, AR based order placement, magic mirror, etc.

In-Store Analytics

Retail Store Analytics can change the way businesses are able to define their strategy and make key decisions, as it helps a lot in understanding consumer mindset, preferences, emotions and response towards products.


Our services include Emotion tracking, Mannequins and Kinect tracking, iBeacons, Mobile Apps, POS system, Repeat Visits, Time Spent in Store, Traffic Patterns, and Shopper Conversions.


We support ‘go-green’ initiatives and have helped our retail customers who wish to follow this concept by developing a mobile application. Retail owners can save energy by managing their electrical applications smartly using this mobile application, which provides electric consumption statistics, cost calculations, analytics, and more.


Gateway's retail IT services offer valuable and actionable insights to provide your customers a seamless experience.


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