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We are one of the best software testing company in India providing web and mobile testing solutions for all devices. If Quality is a challenge for you, It's opportunity for Us.


Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

IT solution quality is most important aspect to reach out towards farthest end user, resulting into a better quality of life and opening up of new horizons for IT industry. Providing software quality services is one of the best contributions to IT industry and life on our planet, which enables software quality professionals to feel the contribution while ensuring earnings for self.


Reduction in Cost of Quality is the most effective parameter to prove our capabilities. We are committed to enable our customers to deliver state of the art IT solutions for their smallest end user.


We provide IT solution quality assurance services:

  • Test Automation – tool selection, framework development, automation script management, ROI monitoring
  • Centralized Test Center – single entity to test your products and applications
  • Performance testing – Performance management by using open source and licensed tools
  • Security testing – Identification of vulnerable components – source code, database, API, User Interface
  • Staffing – provide certified software testing professionals with experience of business domains and technologies



    • Having over 110 software professionals with the expertise to thoroughly test solutions ranging from the latest iOS to Silverlight
    • 40% testing engagements are first time experience for client - 100% contract renewal
    • Independent Test Center setup for a leading ERP vendor in Europe. E-commerce portal at US, Online business directory at Europe - Managing Independent testing across multiple development teams in 5 different time zones
    • Test Automation solutions for customers in 5 different industry segments, including Banking, Supply Chain and Manufacturing
    • Performance Testing of Email marketing and handling product load of 30 million users
    • Usability testing for online survey product deployed on iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms


We have leveraged our 250+ man years of experience across 19 years to establish enhanced testing practice providing measurable benefits. GTAF (Gateway Testing Automation Framework) enables faster time to market, reduced cost and increased testing accuracy.



  • Targeted towards large sized enterprise web applications
  • Technology independent, completely adaptable with reusable scripts for automation testing
  • Manages 35 field types and 200+ validations supporting responsive user interfaces
  • Tried and tested with 15 applications having 4100 functionalities and 20+ million line of code across 6 technology platforms
  • Used for 200+ releases (under Agile-SCRUM) of products/applications
  • 4000+ defects (95%) captured before production


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Gateway offers cutting-edge testing services for applications, we set up automated regression test environment which ensures that the releases of the product will be of superior quality and will be delivered on time. By combining offshore and onshore with automated and manual testing, where necessary we can reduce your time to market. There are many levels of testing that Gateway performs depending on the nature and complexity of your product. These range from Unit to System to Integration testing. Our Testing and QA services ensure that the product you introduce to the market is of the highest quality.


The quality assurance and software testing division at Gateway TechnoLabs offer full range of software testing solutions to make sure that top quality solutions are delivered to our customers.


At Gateway, We believe that quality and software testing is an integral aspect of the software development life cycle. We follow systematic process and set of rules to get better quality products which are verified and validated at each and every step of the software development process.


If you are looking for a software testing company, specialized in software quality assurance and consulting services, then Gateway TechnoLabs with its intricate coordination of integration and testing processes is your correct choice of software testing outsourcing partner.


We use both manual software testing and automated software testing methods, with well-tracked process and result, well-managed report in a consistent and well defined format. Our team works towards the goal of producing the best product through rigorous software testing at each level at fast pace.


Apart from building and testing the units we develop, Gateway provide full product testing and automation services including:


  • Test planning
  • Set-up of the testing environment
  • Performing all testing activities
    • Test case development, design and scripting.
    • Functional testing
    • Integration testing
    • Regression testing
  • Test automation
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Post testing support and documentation

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