Testing Services - Game Testing

We test games for User Interface compliance, Game rules implementation accuracy and gaming industry guideline and compliances


We understand the difference between software testing and game testing. Our testers are intense gamers with strong experience and knowledge of various testing methodologies. Comprehensive testing ensures that the final game gives pleasurable experience, instantaneous response and fun to the players. Mobile Game Testing comprises of game play, usability testing, experience testing, multi-platform testing and performance testing.


Our Game Testers play the game to verify following aspects:

  • Game rules
  • Game levels
  • Avatars
  • UI and UX
  • Interruptions and exception handling
  • Accuracy of calculation of points, lives, gadgets available as per player performance, etc.



Our game players test the game in single and multi-user environment for combinations of Operating System platforms, antivirus products, resolution, graphic card configurations and browsers (for browser based games). These game testers have experience in different categories of games including:


  • Educational
  • Creativity enhancement
  • Entertainment
  • Soft skill development






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