Gateway Test Automation Framework [“GTAF”]

Reduce your automation testing efforts by up to 80% with Gateway Test Automation Framework [GTAF] which empowers engineers to achieve quick and reliable deliveries, consistently


Our Gateway Test Automation Framework (GTAF) is an outcome of our rich industry experience.


By leveraging 300+ man years of testing experience since 1997, we have established proficient software testing practices. The result of this profound experience and knowledge is Gateway Test Automation Framework - GTAF. It enables faster time to market, reduced cost and increased testing accuracy. The main focus is on keeping operational costs under control by leveraging re-usability of the existing technological systems.



  • Targeted towards large sized enterprise web applications
  • Technology independent, completely adaptable with reusable scripts for automation testing
  • Manages 35 field types and 200+ validations supporting responsive user interfaces
  • Tried and tested with 15 applications having 4100 functionalities and 20+ million line of code across 6 technology platforms
  • Used for 200+ releases (under Agile-SCRUM) of products/applications
  • 4000+ defects (95%) captured before production


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