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We Prepare Test Strategy to Verify Solution Effectiveness
Our Software Testing Services guarantee the right combination of Manual and Automated Testing. With competent quality engineers, we provide testing methodologies that focus on operational readiness of enterprise applications, delivering enhanced quality and desired performance. We keep operational costs under control by leveraging re-usability and power of our GTAF – Gateway Test Automation Framework.



IT solution providers need QA members with the understanding of salient features/USPs of the IT solution, characteristics of potential end user and the capability to check IT solution portability on new platforms released in industry. Evidences of functional and non-functional quality of IT solutions are vital for success in the market. Please refer to our software quality management methodology for brief understanding.


Project Phase

QA Activity


Requirement Analysis
We ensure excellent quality is key reason for your customer to retain you as IT services provider.
Our average customer relationship duration is 5 years which proves that we know how to leverage quality as customer retention lever.
Test strategy document
Review requirement analysis process Process compliance report
Review requirements analysis document Requirement analysis accuracy report
Prepare Phase health status RA phase health analysis
Review database design Database design review report
Review user interface specifications User interface specification review report
Identify source code review checklists for project Source code review checklist
Review requirement to design element traceability matrix List of requirements and design elements without relationship
Prepare Phase health status report Design phase health analysis
Code development
Fill in source code review checklist List of changes in source code review checklist
Create unit test cases Write additional test scripts based on the TDP as needed
Create test data Test data
Execute unit test cases Unit test results and defect root cause analysis report
Create integration and system test cases Integration and system test cases
Prepare Phase health status report Development phase health analysis
Integration and system testing
Execute integration test cases Integration test results
Execute system test cases System test results
Execute acceptance test cases Acceptance test results
Review defect root cause analysis report and map with SDLC activities List of SDLC activities with changes to eliminate defect root cause
Prepare test metrics Testing metrics
Prepare release / application health status report Release phase health analysis


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