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Tested 600 Software Products on 27 Platforms with a Setup of More than 10,000 Parameters


Software product companies need an exceptional QA team that understands the product from “configuration parameter value setting” to “platform specific challenges” to ensure that testing services of each upgrade are consistent. Our end-to-end software testing services ensure no loss of business hours of the end customers. Our GTAF – Gateway Test Automation Framework – plays a key role here; it enables faster time to market, reduced cost, and increased testing accuracy for software products.


Our software product testing services across the product lifecycle enable flexible engagement models to gain cost, quality and time to market benefits. We also offer sustainable test automation, which ensures significant reduction in regression testing time.



Software product companies practice Waterfall or Agile development models as per product life cycle needs, hence, in software product testing we have two different approaches for each model.


Phases and activities we carry out to ensure quality in waterfall approach

Quality management in Agile development approach

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