Carriers, Road, Rail and Shipping

75000 Time-Critical Orders Processed through 100 Centrally Connected Fleets
Our customized offerings help global enterprises manage and realize their most critical objectives seamlessly with zero lag and help them gain most valuable insights instantaneously.


Our Enterprise Fleet and Transportation solution today helps one of our customer manage more than 75000 time-critical orders every year through 100 centrally connected Fleet vehicles; our Order and Parts Management solution helps a leading car manufacturing company today, to manage and process more than 10000 orders every week.

Your organization can also experience superlative growth through deep our deep industry-wide experience. Engage our experts today and realize why multiple carrier operators, fleet service providers, public transportation, shipping companies and taxi operators depend on us to deliver customized products and solutions to enhance their customer experience and Improve their Operational Efficiency.

Enhance Customer Experience through:

  • Analytics and BI
  • Ecommerce Portals
  • Social Media Enablement and Connectivity
  • Digital Marketing
  • Infrastructure Management

Improving Operational Efficiency through:

  • Information Management Solutions
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Solution Selection – Buy V/S Build decisions
  • Bespoke and Packaged solution implementation
  • Analytics

We help customers solve complex business challenges by blending our technology and consulting expertise towards creating desirable outcomes in the areas of information technology, business transformation, operational efficiency and innovation.

Our focus and experience on carriers segment had given an edge over other industry players in gaining domain knowledge and strive towards creating a platform that help to improve business performance and agility or for Real time tracking and future visibility into carriers segment through innovative technology solutions.

Our solutions for rail and road transport service providers integrate both core and non-core processes by implementing latest technologies towards transportation planning and strategy consulting.


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